Dear Syed Rahman, This is good news for us. Thank you for your assistance!

Kind Regards,

Mark Castro & Marichu Taacon

Partner Visa

Mirko Immerso

Without second thoughts, I can truly say that PACE held my hand and brought me to the best pathway there is for my personal growth and success. More than being an agency, they treated me as family and also looks after my progress – even if I am already here in Sydney. Now that’s real dedication and secure service you wouldn’t find in any other agency. I couldn’t be more thankful enough for the assistance and continuous guidance that PACE gives me and my cousin Jun. Education and Migration services are definitely the expertise of PACE. With PACE, your future, money, and trust are valued. It’s not just business – its partnership.

Karen Kay Eleazar

It was a great help from PACE team to achieve my dream to settle in Australia

Thanks PACE for your great help to get my PR IN Australia.

Mirko Immerso

I am from Peru and I applied my immigration process through Pace. Great team and great service. Thanks PACE for your great help to get my PR In Perth, Australia.

Thanking you,

Diego Andony Reyna

Many thanks for your email. That has been a weight lifted off my shoulders.

Just want to thank you with your assistance.

You have been great many thanks again

Majella Gallagher

Thank you very very much Ate Anna for ur help and patience. You are very much a part of this success.

thanks a lot again.

Maybel Dizon

Hello Syed,

Thank you for the overwhelming news. I am so happy. Just want to thank you and the agency for assisting me and being true and honest at all times. Congratulations on the opening of your office in the Philippines! I am so glad that you will be able to help a lot of my countrymen. More power and success!



I’m Paula Tabbal, a graduate of AICL with Diploma of Children Services – Early Childhood Education qualification. Before finishing this course, my classmate, Peter (whose got a successful visa application thru PACE) encouraged me to go through PACE migration office to seek for advise for better chances in visa & career path walk.

I was pretty adamant at that time, since I’ve always been applying/ lodging visa on my own, relying to no migration lawyer. But this time’s different, I didn’t know what to do after my diploma, either apply another student visa or working visa.

Pressed for time & options, went to PACE & seek for advise. Syed, the migration lawyer was very helpful, very informative consultation & has given me options on what to do. As I’m already working in a well-established child care & my employer was also supportive of me staying in their service, Syed helped me apply working visa.

After completing all requirements—medical exam, IELTS, work documents, health insurance, police check & the lot—which was the most stressful part of applying for a visa, SYed & his secretary, Anna, helped me patiently, guiding me with what to do, where to go, booked appointments in everything i need to fulfill & fill up forms, I didn’t know I need to get a working visa approved, we lodged the application.

The waiting game has begun. I’m even more stressed than before! After 4 days of lodging it, Syed called me up on a Sunday afternoon—on a weekend, they’re really that hands on. Asking me what I think about applying for a student visa, if chances were slim in getting this approved, I said I got no choice but finish my degree in education. Then he told me, my work visa got approved!!! Yeah, his got that great sense of humour! (Spell sarcasm!) I almost fainted! hahaha

Thanks to PACE Migration, I am now a holder of work visa. I also encouraged you as students, to find better career & visa path walks thru them. Great service, friendly staff, very helpful & you feel like you are being looked after & not just there to scab money of you, they have flexible payment schemes & when you are in doubt, I highly recommend to go PACE. :)

Kind regards,


My relationship with Pace Migration has benefited my future here in Australia beyond expectations. The service they offer is very comprehensive and thorough. They oversee the every aspect of the application process and clearly present options to the client. Their knowledge of migration laws are current and therefore positive result is highly probable.

I am now living in Western Australia as a permanent resident. Pace Migration took over my case when other agencies did not see any possibilities for me. They researched and studied my case until they found a way to make it work. And it did.

I strongly recommend Pace Migration for your migration solutions.

Pace migration & education consultancy is the agency you can trust and rely on. They are not like any other agency who just mean pure business but they will treat you as a family. They will be with you every step of the way, plan and take responsibility to ensure you maximize your migration experience. With PACE they have legitimate migration experts as Mr. Syed Rahman and his team will provide professional assistance to successful migrants and international students. That’s why I share it and give referrals because you are in good hands with PACE.. Your money is safe..your future is saved!

Good evening. Thank you very much for all the help that your doing for us. We appreciated it very much. I’d just like to ask also if my child have the same visa like us now? Will I be able to get him anytime from now? Thank you very much Syed were happy to know about our new visa.

God Bless and Regards,

Pace Migration has greatly infuenced my life. Coming to Australia and studying here is a big opportunity for me. I have encountered some mishaps along the way. I was so confused but then I met Mr. Syed Rahman. He provides me with options for good and affordable schools. He helps me with my concerns, entertains all my questions, and guides me with my future options.

Living in a foreign country is not easy that’s why it is very important to have someone you can trust and turn to. He has made my life easier and my schooling enjoyable.

Pace is a very helpful migration agency.My visa was about to cancel because no college was giving me admission in the middle of term ,but then pace migration(Sir Syed) helped me to get admission in the college and now i m studying.So if there is any problem regarding Immigration and studies, I would strongly recommend Pace Migration.

Pace assisted me to all the documents I needed to build my case, and given me all guidance where I needed. I strongly recommend PACE migration and education services to anyone who needs help through an immigration process or education process. His understanding of my situation and his experience and professionalism made the whole experience painless and quick.

I do not hesitate to say that PACE been fantastic all the way, and I thank him again for all the hard work he’s put in.

I got my education through with PACE migration and education consultancy, and i am quiet happy with the service because as with the admission in college and complete knowledge which will lead me to Permanent Residency in future.

I am now living in Sydney Australia as a permanent resident. Pace Migration took over my case for me. They researched and studied my case to get my permanent resident visa and they did. Thanks PACE for your great help to get my PR IN Australia.

I would be delighted to recommend you for any migration and education work but in particular to Australia .

I am completely satisfied with the Pre-migration assessment services that PACE has provided me. I would have no worries recommending PACE to anyone who is considering in Immigrating and studies and require the up most in service and professionalism.

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